Focus on your business! 
Let us prep and pack your stock! 
Whether you need prep and pack services for UK or to forward to all the EU Marketplaces, let us do it for you.

As expert Amazon Sellers with over 6 years experience in selling on Amazon FBA, We know exactly what are their Requirements!

What You Will Get With Done 4 U FBA Prep 

What You Will Get With Done 4 U FBA Prep 

  • Done for You:  Get Access to a Done for You Service where all you need to do is order your products! 
  • Communication: Access to a private communication channel where we will give you constant updates on your shipments. 
  • ​Speed: Turn around within 24 -48hrs from receiving. 
  • ​Quality: We will advise whether is cheaper sending your orders to Amazon with Pallets or boxes. 
  • Ungating: Help with pictures of products for gated categories is provided. 
  • Wholesalers: You will receive a list of over 20 Wholesalers as soon as you subscribe.
  • How to find products: You will receive a video tutorial on how to find profitable products in the blink of an eye! 
  • Price:​ Competitive rates! 

What are you waiting for??? 

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Get 50 products packed all inclusive

FBA Label/Preparation Pricing

Monthly Subscription £55 with 50 Products Included

Cost Per Unit Label 


Bubble Wrap 

£0.20 (standard Size) £0.30 (oversized)

Poly Bags



£2.00 (Rarely Charged as we usually recycle them)



Label/Pricing Removal


Amazon’s shipping requirements 
*Note that we follow all the requirements from Amazon, who inform us within your shipping plan whether any further preparation is required .

Monthly Subscription 
£55 per month which included the labelling of the first 50 items. 
 This excludes any additional preparation, for example, bubble wrap or poly bagging.
Normal labelling prices will commence after exceeding 50 units.

Box Forwarding Service
This is a service where clients do not require items being labelled or any prep work.
£3.50 box forwarding to Amazon - no quality checking of items and boxes will not be opened
£6.50 Box forwarding to Amazon including quality checking/repacking
*Amazon preferred carrier charges will still applicable on client’s seller central.

Storage facility of goods is available at a rate of £30 per cubic metre per calendar month. This is in addition to the optional subscription charge.
*Please note that prices are subject to change depending on your individual requirements
All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the current UK rate of 20%

What Others are Saying…
Konstantin has been using our Prep Centre for over 5 months now and here is what he has to say. 
About Us…
For over 6 years we have been running our own Amazon Store and FBA business. 

We started by sending pallets to our home and know how hard is to be doing all the packing by yourself from your kitchen table. 

We then moved into a warehouse as the business has grown and while doing our own packing we also helped our students to do theirs. 

With the acquired experience we have now decided to grow our business as a packaging and prepping facility for all Amazon Sellers that want to grow their business with Fulfillment By Amazon.
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